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The Benefits of a Body Scrub

Most of us have several different face & body care products in our bathroom shelves – everything from hydrating masks to soothing shaving creams – but among all of those things, do you have a good body scrub? An important step for maintaining healthy, radiant skin, body exfoliation is an often forgotten part of our beauty routine.

The skin cells on your body are just like the ones on your face: they regularly shed to reveal healthier skin. But, as we age, that turnover process slows significantly so a body scrub is essential to keep that skin renewal at its optimum.

Body exfoliation works in a few ways: as the scrub is massaged over the body, the exfoliating granules help to remove dead skin, preparing it to receive and better absorb any moisturising oils that will be used during the massage; and the rubbing action aids circulation and helps drain your lymph nodes, improving the blood flow to the skin’s surface.

Besides the physical benefits, body exfoliation is a treatment that can lift your spirits and make you feel good and in the present moment. Being mindful of the refreshing textured massage and the inspiring scent of essential oils allow you to enjoy the treatment as it’s happening, an experience that can affect your outlook as you continue your day.

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