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Reflexology is a targeted pressure technique that focuses on specific reflex points on the feet, hands, and ears. These points, also known as reflexes, correspond to different parts of the body, including organs, glands and systems. By stimulating these reflexes, reflexology aims to improve overall health and wellbeing. This ancient healing art is based on the belief that the feet, hands, and ears represent a miniature version of the entire body. This approach can be likened to working from the inside out, as it is thought to affect the body as a whole.

Reflexology has been found to have positive effects on digestive issues, blood and lymphatic circulation, stress reduction, and overall physical and emotional health.

During your reflexology session, your therapist may ask you questions and make notes throughout the treatment to better tailor the session to your specific needs. To fully experience the benefits of reflexology, we suggest receiving at least one session per month, with a maximum of one session per week.


*If you’re pregnant, please note that this treatment is only available after 12 weeks of pregnancy to ensure your safety and comfort.

£250/ 6 sessions
Single session
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